MacBook cases

also made to measure

400x400 Crw 9187 Macbook Leather Case Handmade Nicola Meyer

Add some sophisticated styling to your Beloved Macbook while protecting it from everyday hazards. Choose different leathers different colors.

iPhone Cases & Covers

“stunning leather cases

Iphone 7 Leather Back Case Nicola Meyer

Here you can find Our complete selection of handcrafted premium leather phone cases exclusively designed for Your Apple iPhone.

iPad covers

genuine vegetable tanned leather

Home V3 - Men's Collection 5

If you’re looking for an iPad Pro Leather case as unique as you are, look no further—we’ve got the perfect accessory that complements your dynamic lifestyle.

Apple Watch Straps

“customize with imagination

Applewatch Strap Shell Cordovan Natural Thread Green

Apple watch rev. 2 and rev. 1 fully customizable for size, accessories, colors and leather types:
the shell cordovan or shark, ostrich , Louisiana alligator…
can create also double color for unique looks.

Other Mobile's Case and Covers: Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, BlackBerry... and others

Choose among many different leather Case models with Tuscan Leather quality.
Handcraft Leather covers and cases for Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, Samsung S8 and S8 Plus handmade leathercase covers, Google Pixel and Pixel XL leather case covers made in Tuscany Italy.
If not find the right one ask me to customize or made to measure…

also made to measure

Sq Crw 1705 Googlepixelxl 10 Bc Red Initials Google Pixel Leather Back Case Simple Nicola Meyer

“stunning leather cases

Crw 1272 S7edge 11 O Camel Initials Samsung Galaxy Leather Case Nicola Meyer

genuine vegetable tanned leather

s7edge Fb Bruciato Washed Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Leather Case Nicola Meyer

“customize with imagination

Crw 6427 Squared Ip76splus Wb Wallet Belt 303 Iphone Case Nicola Meyer

Here you can find New Stunning Cases and Covers for your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus device: can customize for colors, shapes, credit card’s slots, personalize with your initials or name… so Buy with confidence your Leather case for your New Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

The Bags

Choose among many different leather bag’s models.
If not find the right one ask me to customize or made to measure…

Home Crw 0216 Lm 450 Sw Brown Messenger Bag Rugged Style Horse Leather Rusted Metal Nicola Meyer

rugged style

Home Crw 4743 Lm 450 Is Vb 303 Messenger Bag Country Classic Style Gold Metal Nicola Meyer

classic style

Indestructible handmade leather bags, shoulder bags, backpacks and tote bags to fit perfectly your own style.

Classic vs. Rugged you have to choose.

Gift Ideas

“…some Ideas for a customized gift

400 Crw 1067 Banknote Magnet Various Colors

Some Leather Ideas customizable by engraving name or initials or text and date to remember an exclusive recurrence.

Leather Goods

Small but not Less important!

Leather Credit Card Holder Nicola Meyer

Leather Goods made with love: extremely useful, Unique Italian Style, handmade in Italy for everyday use.


where to put banknotes…

Leather Coin Purse Crw 6879 By Nicola Meyer

Wallets made with passion: extremely useful, Italian Style, perfect for everyday use.

Belts made to measure

your fully customizable made to measure belt.

Crw 1461 Belt 30 Shell Burgundy

Choose size, height, buckle, color, finishing, and finally customizable with initials or name engraved.

About Me

a Stylish LeatherSmith

… a Passion that becomes work and work that renewes costantly the passsion of making…

Leather creations made by a “Truthful” Leather Artisan. You can come to visit me at my Workshop in Maremma southern Tuscany to see how I work, where I create. Find me while I’m ideating and making leather bags and small accessories also for the Apple phone devices as leather covers and cases. We can speak about your custom request drinking an amazing glass of Brunello di Montalcino’s wine one of the most reputable in the world…

Nicola Meyer

a "genuine" Tuscan leather workshop

In my workshop in southern Tuscany I ideate, design and create premium leather goods with the only best Italian raw materials.
Leather Cases made with passion using only meticulously chosen materials as the Italian vegetable tanned leather to create amazing and unique protective and beautiful articles for your phone.
I create also bags and small leather goods using antique Tuscan artisan techniques handed down by highly skilled Tuscan Craftsmen.
Cause We are more than designers and craftsmen; we are also gadget freaks who love technology.
This approach permits to join the Ancient handmade philosophy with high futuristic technology resulting in the creation of handmade article such as premium leather case and covers, truly made in Italy.
High quality, real and genuine materials, Italian style all concentrated on the best leather goods ever leather phone cases and covers made for you beloved devices.
All our articles can be customized with various types of leathers and colors. Each production run is limited in number and each premium leather case is different from each other due to the extreme artisanal techniques used and the materials highly customizable.

some photos of my new creations on Instagram