Couple Of Flip Book Wallet Shell Cordovan Made To Measure Nicola Meyer

Two Flip Book Wallet Covers custom made with Love

A customer asked me to make an iPhone 13 pro max case in Shell Cordovan. Obviously, I accepted with pleasure by following the instructions to make the object unique.

While I was making the new Flip book for iPhone, the customer ordered me a second model in vegetable tanned olive green leather.

The need was to be able to use the iPhone even in a horizontal position in landscape mode.

With my sewing system I can achieve just this result by leaving free movement horizontally but keeping the iPhone firmly attached to the case.

At the end of the production and after having shipped the two objects, the customer was very happy and satisfied with the final result.

She also kindly left a review to affirm her satisfaction and for this I am very grateful.

An interesting note is the text that the client asked me to engrave on the case.

This denotes the customer’s passion for quality handcrafted products and I am very happy to have satisfied this need.

Flip Book Customized While Producing Handcrafted By Nicola Meyer

In this photo you can see a phase of the housing assembly.

All the steps are strictly handmade in my laboratory in Maremma in southern Tuscany in Italy.

Obviously I use certified leather that comes from the tanneries of Santa Croce in the province of Florence in Italy.

Even the accessories I use, such as the automatic buttons for the closures, are from the world renowned “Fiocchi” made in Italy company.

Same thing for the threads for the inner linings and for the fabrics.

Shell Cordovan Flip Book Customized Color Brandy Nicola Meyer

Shell Cordovan leather, as many know, is very precious and produced by very few tanneries all over the world, the most important of which is the Horween of Chicago.

I use leather from this tannery.

I think it is the best very expensive and very long lasting unique vegetable tanned leather.

The peculiarity of this leather is the slow aniline dyeing and natural luster vegetable tanning.

There are worldwide admirers of this type of leather, Shell Cordovan and I am very happy to work on many handmade articles created with this unique and excellent leather.

In the photo you will find the case made specifically for my client with the required inscription engraved on it.

Each customer can customize the color of the leather, the color of the thread, the color of the button and obviously the choice of the right smartphone and possibly an engraving.