The Art of Leather Care by Nicola Meyer

The Art of Leather Care

It is not a mystery that leather has always exerted a great fascination on men: it is cool, always trendy but also very resistant and durable, besides it can be used for a wide variety of wares.

It has many advantages, but being skin it is necessary treating it with attention (using the correct leather treatment), particularly if we consider products like jackets, bags or shoes: these ones are regularly ( sometimes daily) used and affected by the weather conditions, much more than other accessories like wallets.

A basic step is consequently choosing the right way to take care of your leather, keeping in mind not only what said before ( some items are obviously more distressed compared to others because of their function) but also the effect you would like to get, marked or impeccable.

Now I’ll show you several ways of leather treatments to help you to find the most suitable for your purposes.

Take Care Of My Old Creation 20 Years Old Customer's Briefcase Nicola Meyer(photographed while restoring my 20 years old creation … a customer’s briefcase renewed using proper cream, polish and bones)


Conditioner/Cream. In this case the aim to reach is not aesthetic but protective, leather conditioner or cream is used to avoid that your leather dry out and in most cases waterproof is not included. You can use this product every six months or every year if you desire a worn look appearance, otherwise a shorter period is preferable.

Polish. Polish is the best option if you want to see your leather shiny, so if you are interested in it and not particularly in its protection no problem. Sometimes polishes also moisturize, so the choice is even more valid. The frequency depends on you.

Waterproofing. It is necessary usually once a year if you look for a coating from snow, water and others ( it is generally advisable if you get in touch with these elements consistently, otherwise it is discretionary considering that most leather has already received a waterproofing treatment before sale). You can choose among sprays, waxes or creams but in my opinion waxes and creams are more efficient, easy to use and assure a more accurate result.

Damp Cloth. It is advisable using it ( avoiding soap because chemicals and leather are enemies) once a week to preserve leather from dirt and dust.

Wire/Suede Brush. A wire or a suede brush is enough alone, please remind not to use anything in addition, in particular water is forbidden. SECRET: a tip for suede leather maintenance is to use a fine grain (600 to 1000) sandpaper in a circular way to remove dust and also spots.

A Brand New Iphone Leather Case Ready To Be Greased To Give Correct Hydration Nicola Meyer

(a brand new iphone leather case ready to be greased to give correct hydration)

Leather Care Tips

Rot and mildew would ruin your leather beauty, so protecting it from them is basic; for this reason please do not forget to let it breathe avoiding plastic bags. The best choice is storing your material in its own bag or in pillowcases, in this way moisture will disappear.

Another enemy is the direct sunlight or heat, because it can provoke drying, cracking and fading acceleration ( the best places are those dark and humid, but assuring air passage). If leather gets wet the wisest solution is letting it dry naturally.

Test first. To avoid any damage risk test every treatment product on a small portion, letting it dry for 24 hours. If leather color remains unaltered, green light!

Prefer white or gray creams or polishes to avoid unexpected changes of your leather hue.

Generally speaking, leather doesn’t need waterproofing. Most leather goods sold these days are treated to some degree or another with some sort of waterproofing agent. If you’re someone who is hiking with leather boots, or you’re regularly out in deep snow or heavy rain with them, then you should waterproof. If you’re unsure about waterproofing, ask the manufacturer.

Specific leather products routine

Shoes. Keep cedar shoe trees in them if you want to maintain their nice shape and good smell. It is also useful to absorb moisture.

Dress shoes need a more regular care than work or everyday footwear, anyway cleaning them once or twice a week and conditioning every 1-6 months depending on your needs is a good thing.

Bags/wallets. Bags are more protected from elements and less used compared to shoes but cleaning them with assiduity and conditioning them every 6-12 months is advisable.

Jackets. Do not forget to clean them after having worn them a few times ( by yourself or professionally) and condition every 6 months or similar if you use them often. If you like a soft effect lanolin-based products or saddle soap suit you.

How to care for leather: use only the best leather protectors, I sell also special creme for leather conditioning but remember each type of leather required its own leather treatment. Ask me for advices on leather rejuvenation.

Last advice: enjoy your leather!

Nicola Meyer