The Art of Leather Care by Nicola Meyer

The Art of Leather Care

It is not a mystery that leather has always exerted a great fascination on men: it is cool, always trendy but also very resistant and durable, besides it can be used for a wide variety of wares. It has many advantages, but being skin it is necessary treating it with attention (using the correct leather treatment), particularly if we consider products like jackets, bags or shoes: these ones are regularly ( sometimes daily) used and affected by the weather conditions,...

Nicola Meyer at Work on Leather Bags

Working on Brand New Horse Leather Bags…

I am currently working on a set of shoulder leather bags ordered by my Japanese distributor…each bag is completely handmade in Tuscany by me, using Italian vegetable tanned leather which is among the best in the world. The process of creating a bag completely by hand is long and meticulous. First I carefully select the materials, since leather flaws have to be detected and marked. After that, I draw the patterns with a special “Magic” pen filled with removable silver ink...


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