color: BURNT washed

leather: HORSE


origin: ITALY

finishing: STONE WASHED

style/looks: RUGGED - VINTAGE

“Washing” is a particular treatment that gives to the leather a Unique and Aged looks. Grooves, colours nuances, bump or flat surface are peculiar of this type of treatment. SO for this reason EACH product made with Washed leather is Unique and cannot be duplicated. When I cut the leather i try to make similar to the Photo of the Sample of the product but it is nearly Impossible to replicate perfectly the Sample photographed. The Customer must know this peculiarity and if He needs a more standard look please choose classic type and colours as : 303 sun tanned, 750 dark brown, 725 english tan, olive green or others.

This PAGE is intended to show better the color, the type of leather and the type of finishing used.

LM-450-SW Messenger Bag color BRUCIATO

Quote Measure, Dark Brown, by Nicola Meyer

405,74 (ex. VAT)Select options

pouch for iPhone 7 Plus made by Horse leather color BRUCIATO

Iphone 7 Plus Pouch Holster Bruciato Nicola Meyer

iPhone 7 Plus pouch made by Horse leather monogrammed with initials

Iphone 7 Plus Pouch Holster Bruciato Horse Leathernicola Meyer

(very important: due to the artisanal process of tanning the leather color may be slightly different from that seen in the photos due to the change in the pH value of each skin.)