Colors Reference

Here different Colors, different types of Leather and different types of Finishing: leather burnished on the edges, leather washed, stone washed leather, classic style leather finishing, special colors, exotic leather such as Ostrich, Shark, Alligator, Stingray, Shell Cordovan…

303 Sun Tanned

Google Pixel XL, Leather Back Case, Natural, by Nicola Meyer

316 Dark Blue

iPad Pro 12,9 Portfolio, Dark Blue and Brandy, by Nicola Meyer

3330 Green

iPhone Leather Wallet Case, by Nicola Meyer


iPhone 7 Leather Flip Book Case, Handmade by Nicola Meyer

5740 nut

iPhone 6 Leather Back Case, Castagno, Two Vertical Slot

790 Green/Grey

iPhone 6 Plus cover castagno, by Nicola Meyer


Black Leather Ring Key, by Nicola Meyer

Blue Cobalt

iPhone SE Leather Case, Blue Klein, by Nicola Meyer

Blue Navy

iPhone 6 Plus Leather Back Case, Blue Navy Squared, Made in Italy

Brandy washed

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Leather Back Case, Brandy, by Nicola Meyer


iPhone 7 Plus Leather Back Case, Camel Leather Back Case, by Nicola Meyer


iPhone 7, 6s Leather Wallet Belt Pouch, Castagno, Open

Charchoal washed

iPad Pro 12,9 Leather Cover Portfolio Charcoal. Light Grey, Close

Chocolate washed

Crw 0204 Lm 450 Sw Dark Brown



Corda washed

iPhone SE Leather Case, Corda, by Nicola Meyer

Crema washed

iPhone 6 Leather Back Cover, Crema, by Nicola Meyer

Dusty White

iPhone 6 Plus Leather Back Case, Dusty White, by Nicola Meyer


iPhone 6 Leather Back Case, Heart, Fucsia, by Nicola Meyer


iPhone Leather Wallet Case, Jeans, Open

Lavagna Grey

iPhone 7 Plus Leather Back Case, Grey, Vertical Cards Slot, Made in Italy

Light Grey

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Leather Case, Light Grey, by Nicola Meyer


iPad mini 4 Leather Cover, Natural, by Nicola Meyer

Olive Green

iPhone SE and 5s Leather Back Case, Olivegreen, by Nicola Meyer


iPhone 7 Leather Back Case, Ortensia, 3 Vertical Slots, Handmade by Nicola Meyer


iPad Pro 9,7 Leather Cover Portfolio, Petroleum, Close


iPad Pro 9,7 Leather Cover, Pink, Made in Italy


iPhone 6 Leather Case Prugna Engraved, Handmade by Nicola Meyer


Google Pixel XL, Leather Case, Chocolate and Bruciato, One Card Slot, by Nicola Meyer


iPhone 7 Leather Cover Flip Bifold, Tundra, by Nicola Meyer

Viola washed

iPhone 6 Plus Leather Bifold Wallet Case, Violet, by Nicola Meyer


iPhone 7 Leather Back Case, Yellow, by Nicola Meyer