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  • click to choose the MAIN leather style & color (BODY)

    click to choose the MAIN leather style & color (BODY)

  • Choose to add the USB cable (1.5 mt)

    • 5 €
  • customize with initials, name or a logo (will be centered)

    choose what to be engraved:

    Trasparent Customization Initials Embossed On Leather Case Nicola Meyer

    Initials or Text will be CENTERED

    Enter Up to Three (Upper or Lower case as you need)

    • 7 €

    Enter Up to 15 char. (Upper or Lower case as you need)

    • 10 €

    (the LOGO image must be confirmed)

    • (max file size 128 MB) 15 €

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Dock Station per caricare iPhone 7 6s o Plus in cuoio concia al vegetale scegliere COLORE

20,49€ (ex. VAT)

Nicola Meyer Handmade In Italy

Charging Dock Station for iPhone 7 6s ors Plus vegetable tanned leather customizable for color and engraving. Premium Italian Calf Leather Handmade in Italy. You can choose the color.

  • Available in 30+ colors
  • 3 Different leather finishing: classic, burnished, washed
  • customizable with initials or name
  • comes without USB cable if you need choose in menu


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alcune opzioni di colorazioni del pellame

Charging Dock Station

• genuine vegetable tanned leather
• aniline colored
• customized with initials or name
• handmade burnished process on leather
• cause the extremely artisanal process
each one could differ from each other

iPhone 7, Leatherdock, Olive Green, Detail

iPhone not included

iPhone 7, Leatherdock, Olive Green

choose USB cable in menu if needed

iPhone 7, Leatherdock, Olive Green, by Nicola Meyer

detail of the bottom

Customize with your Initials or Name Engraved

• choose for Initials up to 3
• choose for Name or Text up to 15 characters
• personalize with your logo
• possible to choose also if the letters will be burnt (hot stamped)
or made by lamination in: Gold, Silver, Copper, Orange, White


Color Reference

Different types of leather and finishing, more than 20 colors to choose for phone leather case:
303 sun tanned, 316 navy blue, 3330 green washed, 5303 washed, 5740 washed, 750 dark brown, black, blue klein washed, brandy washed, camel, castagno, charcoal washed, chocolate washed, corda washed, dusty white, fucsia washed, jeans washed, natural, olive green, ortensia, pink, prugna washed, red, yellow washed

Leather Bunches Colors Nicola Meyer

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