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Nicola Meyer Handmade In Italy

iPhone Leather Back Case made by Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather. Premium Italian Calf Leather Handmade in Italy.

  • Available in 30+ colors
  • Different leather finishing: classic, burnished, washed
  • Three credit card’s slots vertical to use as a wallet
  • Veg-Tan Washed Leather outside
  • Premium Calf leather Lining inside
  • Ultra thin Polycarbonate backbone which is light and strong
  • Full Access to all ports and functions
  • Suitable for iPhone Family
  • iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 PRO, iPhone 12 PRO MAX, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 PRO, iPhone 11 PRO MAX, Iphone XS MAX, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 7, iPhone 8 7 Plus, iPhone 6S 6, iPhone 6S 6 Plus, iPhone SE 5S 5


5type Iphone 1187 3 Slot Type1 Lamination Info 1200x750

each model can be customized using the configurator

change leather types

…leather colors

… color of thread

iPhone Leather Cases

• genuine vegetable tanned leather
• aniline coloured
• leather lined inside
• handmade burnished process on leather
• cause the extremely artisanal process
each one could differ from each other

Crw 0348 Ip7 13 V Ortensia

Protective iPhone Leather Cover

• use as protection
• not only useful also beautiful
• see other models can choose many variations
• iPhone case made with passion
• distinguish yourself from the mass

iPhone Leather case

You can choose among many different types of iPhone leather cases and covers. All Handmade in Italy in my workshop following the request of the customer. Italian Leather Cases for all generation of iPhone: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 PRO, iPhone 11 PRO MAX, Iphone XS MAX, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 7, iPhone 8 7 Plus, iPhone 6S 6, iPhone 6S 6 Plus, iPhone SE 5S 5. Leather are Natural Italian Tanned and carefully selected. Each case is made on request cutting, stiching, finishing and customizing respecting the customer’s advices.

Long Iphone 7 4 7 Leather Back Case 3 Vertical Slots Nicola Meyer Ortensia
Crw 0346 Ip7 13 V Ortensia

Lamination is made by hand so it's irregular.
This is his advantage, in fact makes each item unique.

not laminated


Crw 0345 Ip7 13 V Ortensia

You can choose in the menu to add or not lamination option.

Customize with your Initials

or Name Engraved

• choose for Initials up to 3
• choose for Name or Text up to 15 characters
• personalize with your logo
• possible to choose also if the letters will be burnt (hot stamped)
or made by lamination in: Gold, Silver, Copper, Orange, White

Customization Initials Embossed on Leather Case, Handamade by Nicola Meyer

Color Reference

Different types of leather and finishing, more than 20 colors to choose for phone leather case:
303 sun tanned, 316 navy blue, 3330 green washed, 5303 washed, 5740 washed, 750 dark brown, black, blue klein washed, brandy washed, camel, castagno, charcoal washed, chocolate washed, corda washed, dusty white, fucsia washed, jeans washed, natural, olive green, ortensia, pink, prugna washed, red, yellow washed

Leather Bunches Colors Micola Meyer 2

1 review for Leather Cover Three credit cards TYPE-1 for iPhone custom made

  1. Rosamaria M. (verified owner)

    Il poter scegliere i colori e il tipo di pelle ha reso questa cover un prodotto originale è molto elegante, si fa notare per la sua unicità.

    Image #1 from Rosamaria M.
    Image #2 from Rosamaria M.
    Image #3 from Rosamaria M.
    • Nicola

      Thank you for your support… kindly regards

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100% Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather

Logo Concia Vegetale

Vegetable tanning is an artisan tradition that the Tuscan tanneries have handed down from father to son for centuries, mixing antique recipes and state-of-the-art technology.

The transformation from raw hides into a material that will resist throughout time is a process that slowly happens into wooden drums, in full respect of man and the environment. An astonishing process based on the use of natural tannins extracted from trees, on modern technologies and machineries and on the slow passing of time.

Among the various tanning methods, the vegetable tanning is still nowadays the most traditional, the most recognisable, the only one able to give leather unique characteristics. It is able to join comfort and look, fashion and tradition, uniqueness and versatility of the product.

Vacchetta leather does not lie, it is not afraid to be the testimony of time.


The vegetable tanning process is based on the use of tannin, active ingredient responsible for the transformation of the animal hide into a compact and resistant material durable through the years. This natural substance can be found in many different trees and vegetables, in variable concentration according to the different species. These natural tannin extracts make the vegetable-tanned leather unique and easily distinguishable.

Vegetable-tanned leather absorbs the traces of our life, it matures without ruining. The natural ageing does not compromise its resistance. It reveals the signs of time and use as the most personal expression of naturalness and truth. The colours of tannins give the leather an unmistakable warm and brilliant shade that becomes more intense with the passing of time and the daily use.

Choosing a product made of Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather means choosing a one-of-a-kind object that reflects the owner’s lifestyle.

No leather looks like any other, its peculiar characteristics offer a wide range of possible interpretations in shape and design. Designers can find a material able to add value to a project of fashion, consumers can find a product overcoming fashion and trends and gaining value with the passing of time.

Vegetable tanning is a tanning process taking inspiration from nature and – in full harmony – to nature going back.


Vegetable-tanned leather does not contain any toxic substance harmful to man and is highly tolerable for those who suffer from metal related allergies.

Vegetable-tanned leather productive cycle is strictly monitored to ensure a low impact on the environment:

  • No animal is killed for its skin. On the contrary, the raw hides used by our tanneries are the discarded by-products of the food industry producing meat for human consumption.
  • Being tanned with natural tannins, a vegetable-tanned leather object can be easily disposed of at the end of its life, thanks to its chemical-biological characteristics.
  • Our tanneries have made huge investments in depuration systems and waste recycling that make them work in full respect of man and the environment.
  • Many of the substances used during the tanning process are recovered, recycled and reused in different fields. Hair removed from raw hides is transformed into agricultural fertilizer; sludge produced by the depuration plants is reused in the construction field to make bricks.
  • Vegetable-tanned leather, recognizable from its trademark, does not contain any toxic substance such as azo-dyes, nickel, PCP or chrome VI


Finally those consumers who care about product’s quality and environmental protection have a reference trademark when they buy their leather products!


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