Nicola Meyer Handmade In Italy

iPhone Family Leather Back Case made by Genuine Ostrich Leather. Handmade in Italy.

  • Available in 10+ colors
  • Premium Calf leather Lining inside
  • Ultra thin Polycarbonate backbone which is light and strong
  • Full Access to all ports and functions
  • Suitable for iPhones choose devices
SKU: BC-10-OSTRICH-04-1-1


Genuine Ostrich iPhone Cases

• Genuine Ostrich Leather
• leather lined inside
• handmade burnished process on leather
• cause the extremely artisanal process
each one could differ from each other

Img 5652 Ostrich Back Case Nutmeg Nicola Meyer
Img 5061 Ostrich Back Case Irisblue Nicola Meyer

Protective iPhone Leather Cover

• use as protection
• not only useful also beautiful
• see other models can choose many variations
• iPhone case made with passion
• distinguish yourself from the mass

do You know something
about such a
precious and unique Leather?

You can probably guess what this leather is made out of by looking at the name, but we’ll go ahead and tell you anyways: Ostrich leather comes from ostrich and has very significant characteristics that make it stand out from other leathers. For starters, Ostrich Leather has several pores throughout. And here is where the fun part comes in: Ostrich Leather darkens when it comes into contact with skin, yet will become lighter when it is exposed to light- whether it’s sunlight or a lamp. Only a cloth is needed to wiped down the rain, if you care and maintain enough, it can last for years. And needless to say, this ever-changing leather is a beauty

We use ostrich “Strutho Camelus” which is farmed in South Africa so you do not need a CITES certificate for this skin.
iPhone 7 Leather Case, Ostrich Buttercup, by Nicoola Meyer

Genuine Ostrich
wallet cases

an ostrich covers for your beloved device, iPhone, Galaxy, Google Pixel, Ascend P9... only top cases for the top gamma devices...

Nicola Meyer Handmade In Italy
Crw 0869 Ip7 Fb Ostrich Buttercup

Precious Bags

only one word: "Unique"

Nicola Meyer Handmade In Italy
Ostrich Leather Bag Nicola Meyer
iPhone 6 Plus Leather Back Case, Ostrich Red, Detail

Genuine Ostrich
back case

iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel cases made by Genuine Precious Ostrich Leather

Nicola Meyer Handmade In Italy
iPhone 6 Plus Leather Back Case, Ostrich Red, by Nicola Meyer
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