1. Use a measuring tape to determine the circumference of your wrist in inches, centimeters or millimeters. You can also use a string or thread, mark it, lay it flat on the table, and simply measure the distance with a ruler.

  2. Keeping your wrist measurements in mind, you may then refer to the table below to help you determine the right-fitting strap length for you.

Wrist Measure
How To Measure Watch Strap Lenght
Watch Straps Lenght Specs 3

When it comes to the length of your watch’s strap, fit and comfort takes precedence over personal style. It must be snug and secure when worn, neither too tight nor too loose. The length of the strap is based on wrist circumference and can be divided in two – the tail or long end (1) and the buckle or short end (2). That’s why the strap length of wristwatch products is usually presented as 120/70mm. The first number (120) is the length of the long end in millimeters while the second number (70) is the buckle end in millimeters.

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