Come prendere le misure per ordinare una cintura

When ordering a belt on-line, the best way to assure the proper fit is to measure one of your existing belts that fits you well.
To do this, carefully stretch out the belt on a flat surface, and using a measuring tape, measure from:

A) where the buckle’s “barb” enter in the hole of the belt
(see image above: usually 1 cm less the end of the buckle)

B) the hole on the belt that fits you best (this will be the loosest, or most stretched out hole)

Refer to the diagram above (Note: Do not measure to the middle hole; measure to the hole that fits you best)

If You not have a belt where to take measurements please use a TAPE MEASURE (soft) and Measure the circumference of your Pelvis waist where usually put the Belt (not to tight).

Potete personalizzare la cintura con le vostre iniziali o il nome

• scegliete le iniziali fino a 3
• scegliete il nome o un testo fino a 15 caratteri
• possibile scegliere dove apporre l’incisione:
sulla punta od in maniera più discreta accanto alla fibbia