Shell Cordovan Collection

Nicola Meyer is a highly skilled craftsman based in Maremma Tuscany who specializes in producing luxury leather goods made from genuine shell cordovan leather. Shell cordovan leather is known for its durability and unique texture, which makes it an ideal material for high-end leather goods.

Nicola Meyer’s commitment to using ancient artisan techniques suggests a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Handmade shell cordovan leather goods are likely to be long-lasting and highly prized for their durability and unique appearance.

If you are interested in purchasing luxury leather goods made from shell cordovan leather, you may want to consider exploring Nicola Meyer’s offerings in more detail. Keep in mind that handmade artisanal products can often be more expensive than mass-produced alternatives, but the quality and uniqueness of the final product can make them a worthwhile investment.

Notes on the Name Shell Cordovan.

The practice for producing the illustrious shell cordovan leather material originated in Cordoba, Spain. For centuries, Cordoba was famous not only for its leather production but for its gold and silver work as well. The word cordovan qualifies objects or practices of or relating to Cordoba. But let’s reach back a bit further. The city was founded in ancient Roman times as Corduba. When it was seized by the Moors in 711, it was known by the Arabic transliteration, Qurtubah. In later years, the city came to be known as Cordoba or Cordova. Thus today we have the name cordovan leather, vegetable-tanned. The word shell refers to the circular sheets of leather produced from the hindquarters of a horse.

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