MacBook Identifier Search

Apple MacBook Air 13 2015

Here you can find the CODE to identify your MacBook Device

Please check on the rear of your “Beloved Macbook” the CODE to identify the correct model.
In this way will be no problem to choose the right leather case or covers.

Macbook A1398 Rear Code

MacBook Air 11″ Early-2015 A1465

MacBook Air 13″ Early-2015 A1466

MacBook “Core M” 12″ Early-2015 Early-2016 A1534

MacBook Pro 13″ Retina 2012 early-2013 A1425

MacBook Pro 13″ Retina Late-2013 Mid-2014 Early-2015 A1502

MacBook Pro 15″ Retina 2012 A1398

MacBook Pro 15″ Early-2013 Late-2013 Mid-2014 Mid-2015 A1398

MacBook Pro 13″ Late 2016 A1708

MacBook Pro 13″ Touch/Late 2016 A1706

MacBook Pro 15″ Touch/Late 2016 A1707

MacBook Air 13″ 2017 A1466

MacBook Pro 13″ Touch 2018 A1989

MacBook Pro 15″ Touch/Mid 2018 A1990

MacBook Air 13″ Late 2018 A1932