Feat Crw 9187 Macbook Leather Case Handmade Nicola Meyer

New Macbook Back Leather Case

You can’t find a right, suitable and stylish case or cover for your beloved MacBook. Probably you reach the right place.

Nicola Meyer Handmade In Italy

Not only a protective MacBook case but also beautiful and Customizable

Yes in My Workshop I listen to customer’s request and suggest how to develop the right personalized case for every situation.

The “Choice” of the right Leather.

I select only the best Italian Raw Materials such as Full Vegetable Tanned Leather. Repeat Fully Vegetable Tanned in Italy: I think there is a difference between cultures as the products of such cultures. In Italy, there are the best Tanneries in The world which use not environmental techniques o produce such type of leather.

1690x500 Crw 9195 5740 Nut Washed Macbook Leather Case Handmade Nicola Meyer

You can smell my Leather creations and know what I mean: compare with leather comes from other countries, the differences are noticeable.

I think the first and important phase is the choice of right materials: then must be chosen the right piece to make the article: the “perfect cut” to give personality to each piece.

As shown on photos you can see that leather was chosen is not regular it has a particular groove given by the washing process.

Each article made of this leather is unique and different from each other. In this Post, I consider the Back Case for Macbook, fully protection for your MacBook but at the same time a piece of art. See the “Vintage Patina° given by drum processes to age the piece.

It is Available for many Devices so you must check on the rear of your Mac the code to know if will fit your specific device.

Example the Macbook Retina 15° of 2105 has the Code A1398. See on the Article Listing menu where to choose and check device.

see here to know specs of our MacBook https://www.nicolameyer.com/macbook-identifier-search/

Need a Brand New One?

Down below ym creation in color 5303 Washed Calf leather Rugged Vintage Style.

Can customize it with our Name or Initials or as a Gift Idea…

1000x1000 Crw 9188 5740 Nut Washed Macbook Leather Case Handmade Nicola Meyer