Nicola Meyer at Work on Leather Bags

Working on Brand New Horse Leather Bags…

Nicola Meyer Handmade In Italy

I am currently working on a set of shoulder leather bags ordered by my Japanese distributor…each bag is completely handmade in Tuscany by me, using Italian vegetable tanned leather which is among the best in the world.

The process of creating a bag completely by hand is long and meticulous.

First I carefully select the materials, since leather flaws have to be detected and marked. After that, I draw the patterns with a special “Magic” pen filled with removable silver ink and then cut the pieces to be used in each bag.

The second phase is what I call preparation: the leather is split carefully so that the borders become thinner and suitable to assemble the bag.
If the bags are to be lined, the cotton is then selected, cut, and prepared for installation.

At this point, my working table is full of pieces which look like  a puzzle, and only my ability of LeatherSmith can “solve it.” ?

In the third phase I sew, prepare, bond, assemble, then sew and sew, over and over again…

Works On Handles Leather Horse Nicola Meyer

Here I am checking the new handles I have just prepared for the new Black Horse Leather Washed Bags ordered by my Japanese customers.

This is part of the Rugged Line with rusted metal accessories and very sturdy horse leather.

The process of preparation can take a few hours for each bag before I am ready to check the final result.

If the customer has chosen the personalized option, I will engrave initials or the name on the bag to make it unique and exclusive.

No bag is packed to be shipped before I make a final, definitive check of every detail.

​surronded By My Leather Creations Nicola Meyer

Here I am surrounded by my “leather creations”– rugged messenger bags, hand striped bags, leather covers for iPhone galaxy pixel, all handmade in Tuscany.

I like my workshop with its contrast of colors and materials, blue wall, copper chains, and  rusted table…

You can smell the genuine, true “flavor” of a Tuscan leather workshop.

Set Of New Washed Black Horse Leather Tote Bags Rugged Style By Nicola Meyer

(the final result: a set of brand new washed black horse leather Tote bags rugged style by Nicola Meyer)

Nicola Meyer LeatherSmith in Maremma – Tuscany Italy.

Nicola Meyer